TREE LABORATORY is both the creative collaboration and production studio of Eric Hoegemeyer and Jesse Paris Smith. Located in Brooklyn, N.Y., they specialize in original composition for film and television, sound design and mixing.


The philosophy behind Tree Laboratory is based on the idea that the sounds and music most representative of the human experience are a naturally occurring phenomena of which we are both observers and participants. Synthesizing unique and familiar patterns of sound is the theme that motivates the records and film scores produced at Tree Laboratory.


ERIC HOEGEMEYER is a producer, musician, and composer. His compulsive sense of rhythm and tone has resulted in collaborations with innovative artists in a wide variety of genres. Equally comfortable behind a drum kit or a mixing console, he is constantly in search of both futuristic and time-tested methods of composing and recording. His career began as a touring/session drummer/midi programmer which branched into engineering and producing at the legendary Rustbelt Studios in Detroit. While there, he produced and played multiple instruments on Motown Funk Brother Dennis Coffey's latest record, mixed and programmed for Kevin Saunderson's Inner City, as well as producing, engineering and mixing a plethora of records ranging from multi-platinum selling Hip-Hop artists to obscure Irish Folk.


JESSE PARIS SMITH is a composer, pianist, and percussionist. Fascinated by patterns and elements found in nature and their relationship to sound, she has a meticulous approach to voicing and arrangement, and has become proficient on an obscure collection of natural instruments. Her composition techniques and skills developed in part during years of accompanying her mother’s reading of poetry and writings on piano, which eventually would transition into film scoring. In addition to composing for films, her music has been commissioned for commercials, art installations, book soundtracks, and live score performances. She has collaborated and performed with many artists and has performed her compositions on stages around the world. She is a graduate of the Sound and Music Institute, a professional training program in psychoacoustics and integrative practices of music and sound therapy.

"Music takes us out of the actual and whispers us to dim secrets....."-RWE

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